I was struggling with my dissertation whilst at University. Contacted Angela, who apart from being most welcoming, helped me with my anxieties. She was an enormous help with the academia, and now 3 years on I still owe a lot of what I have since achieved to her. Thanks a lot Angela!…
~Joe Miller

I used D and A Enterprises for a Brazilian-Portuguese ‘Marriage Notice’ service and they performed in a very professional manner.
Thank you D and A Enterprises for the Brazilian Portuguese interpreting and translation.
~Thomas Marshall

I’m German. I contacted D & A Enterprises whilst on holiday visiting my sister in England, as I wanted to improve my English before traveling to Scotland. The lessons helped me understand the verb tenses better, and to speak more fluently. I have now overcome my shyness of speaking English, and have also built up my vocabulary. The tuition gave me an incentive to continue studying English when I return to Germany. Thank you Angela.
~Thomas Hofmann

I am moving to Spain to live soon, and found Spanish courses at college a bit slow, so I wanted some 1 on 1 tuition to learn a bit faster. I found Angela very helpful setting a pace much more to my liking and I learned a lot in the 10 months I attended. Many thanks Angela
~Michael Burrell

I went to college for 2 years doing Spanish, then went to Angela and found I learned a lot more with the one to one learning. Having fun nights with native Spanish speakers was an excellent way of learning too.
~Philip Tritton

Used Angela for French lessons and found her to be very helpful, very committed and the lessons worthwhile.
~Judith Pike

I came to Angela in a panic over my 6 year old son’s reading. He would not read for me or his teachers, however Angela had him reading and what’s more ENJOYING books from their first session.I will be recommending Angela to anyone who needs that extra bit of support.
~Helen Shotton

Angela taught Spanish to my 7 year old son Eliot. She had excellent communication skills whilst teaching a child of such a young age. Angela made lessons really enjoyable and easy for Eliot to learn, and got on very well with him in general.
~Karen Manning

I attempted to learn Spanish via text books and CD’s but this was extremely difficult as there was nobody to correct my pronunciation or the correct tense to use in any given situation. I then contacted Angela at D & A Enterprises who gave me one to one tuition in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. My grasp of both written and oral Spanish increased dramatically, so whether you want to learn a language for either professional reasons or to use on your holidays abroad I would have no hesitation in recommending Angela.
~Vincent Crockwell

Angela makes learning Spanish very enjoyable in a very friendly environment. She is easy to talk to and very patient even when I say something completely stupid! She will explain and correct in a way that makes you feel your quest is achievable. I have learned a lot already and hope to continue. It gives you a good feeling to be able to go to Spain and be able to have some understanding of what to say and what is being said and for this I have to thank Angela so much. I would recommend Angela to anyone wishing to learn Spanish for whatever reason.
~Denise Rawle

Angela helped me learn French for use on holiday. She is very easy to get on with and gave support and encouragement. Lessons were very relaxed and enjoyable.
Highly recommended.
~Denise Wilson

Angela, of D and A Enterprises taught french to my son during his year 11. The lessons were relaxed and enjoyable and helped him make sense of the school lessons that left him cold. Despite all predictions, he passed his GCSE achieving a miraculous grade C! The lessons were also very competitively priced. Angela has also given a crash course in holiday Portuguese to my husband to help him negotiate a business trip to Brasil (!) Many thanks Angela.
~Ruth Stratford

I have been having Spanish lessons with Angela for the past 7 weeks prior to going on holiday to Gran Canaria. Angela has been great, she’s helped me to learn a lot in a short space of time and I’m really looking forward to my holiday and hopefully being able to understand the Spanish spoken around me. Thank you Angela!
~Doreen Fitzpatrick

I spoke virtually no Spanish before going to Angela for one to one tuition. With Angela’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere my Spanish has improved dramatically and it has given me the confidence to use it in practical situations, as I have been to Spain three times on holiday in the last 12 months and used it to great effect. Without the tuition of Angela I would never have had the knowledge or the confidence to try my Spanish out to native speakers, for fear of being laughed at but this was not the case as I impressed myself with my new found confidence in my ability to communicate in Spanish. Angela makes the trials and tribulations of learning a language both interesting and fun and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn another language. She was great!
~Paul Simpson

With Angela’s help, I got an A* in my GCSE – her lessons are relaxed, enjoyable, and very effective! I can’t recommend her highly enough.
~Victoria Christie

As a total beginner learning the French language, Angela was recommended to me as being very skilled in language tuition skills. After 5 months of tuition in a very friendly relaxed atmosphere with Angela, I completed the Talk French 1 course and I feel very confident to speak the language at this level. I’m looking forward to learning more with Angela as this introductory course has got Me hooked!! A big THANK YOU! Angela, and hope to see You again soon!
~Reese Smith

Myself and 2 friends contacted D & A Enterprises to learn Spanish to prepare us for our 2 month trip to South America. We are now currently in Chile, the fastest speaking Spanish (as well as abreviated!!!) country in the world. With a lot of help from D & A Enterprises we have got through our first week and looking forward to the rest of our trip. Would recommend D and A Enterprises to anyone looking for private tuition. On a personal note, Gracias Angela, sus clases nos fueron de gran ayuda!
~Ian Patterson

I would recommend Angela to anyone who needs to build up their confidence in a language, she made me believe that I could do G.C.S.E. Spanish which otherwise I probably would not have done.
~Stephen Wiberg

I have received French tutoring from Angela for the past 2 years, when I started I didn’t think I’d ever manage to do my GCSEs but over the course of that time Angela has given me the confidence in the language and made me feel a lot more comfortable heading towards my exams. She was a brilliant help and made lessons easily understandable. Thank you Angela. Thank you. x
~Charlotte Whitfield

Thank you Angela, I really enjoyed our Spanish lessons together. You are a great teacher!
Thank you x
~Angela Brown

I can highly recommend Angela to teach you Spanish. I did a crash course for my South American trip. Angela was thorough, patient and had a fine attention to detail. She showed a lot of patience when I was having trouble understanding things. It is not the easiest thing to learn a foreign language. However Angela was extremely well suited to the role of tutor. Again thank you Angela for teaching me Spanish
for my trip. She also had a good sense of humour!
~James Coates

Angela Smales was my tutor for beginners Spanish. She was excellent. Her manner was pleasant and she related the Spanish to my own personal needs. I would recommend her as a tutor.
~Elaine Wharton

Angela makes learning Spanish very enjoyable and in a very friendly environment. I would recommend Angela to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. Angela is a great tutor and makes the lesson very worthwhile. I felt that I learned such a lot in that time I spent with Angela.
~Angela Wilkinson

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