Beginner Lessons

There are many reasons that people choose to learn a foreign language.

Maybe it is part of the school curriculum, or you decide to learn a foreign language to enhance your enjoyment of your foreign holidays or travel in general.


Maybe you would benefit by learning a foreign language to improve your employment skills and your career prospects.

Whatever your reason is for learning a foreign language, your success may depend on your choice of learning.

I teach foreign languages to beginners on a “one to one basis”.

Beginner lessons for language students on a one to one basis encourage personal interactivity and learning the language is more enjoyable and fulfilling.

With all languages, there are the initial fundamental basics to understand, this can be a daunting prospect for beginner learners of a new language.

With one to one tuition these hurdles can easily be overcome in a very short time period, as a beginner’s strengths and weaknesses are recognised quickly, the beginner learner will receive tuition in a relaxed and enjoyable manner to ensure each lesson provides positive and structured learning progression.

Call Me

Get 25% Off Your First Lesson!

When you call me, on 0191 4242812, and you live in South Shields or nearby you can get 25% off your first lesson of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese or E.S.O.L.

Please be aware that I may be teaching a student and will therefore not answer my phone. Please leave details on my "Answer Machine" for me to contact you. I will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Please advise me of your chosen study language, and provide contact details.

By booking your first lesson and stating you wish to have the "DANDA OFFER" which is 25 % off the first lesson, please provide your email, your mobile or your landline number for me to get back to you.

This offer may be removed soon!

109 Marlbrough Street South,

South Shields,

Tyne and Wear,

NE33 4DB.

Call: 0191 4242812


Monday - Friday

9:00am - 8:00pm

(Last lesson ends at 8:00pm)

Call: 0191 4242812

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